Dig your own dinner!

We’ll provide the shovels, buckets, and instruction; all you’ll need is a license, a sense of adventure, and an appetite!  (You will get your feet wet–literally!)  This very popular activity is limited to very low tides.  Call or e-mail to check if you’ll be here when the tides are low enough to clam or for information on how to get a shellfishing license.

Even youngsters enjoy clamming!


What to wear?  Wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty:  you’ll get wet-sandy/muddy on your knees and (probably) up your arm at least to the elbow.  It’s likely to be chilly, so a warm top and long pants are recommended.  Like gardening, this is a physical activity, so comfortable clothes you can move in are a plus.  We’ll wade a little to the best clamming beds, through a couple of inches of water over semi-solid mud, so wear boots, watershoes, Tevas with socks, or old tennies that can be laced up tightly.  Sorry, no flip-flops or bare feet:  flip-flops get lost in the first steps and bare feet expose your feet to cold and to being cut by broken shells and such.  Gloves are discouraged because they inhibit feeling the clam and they’re easily lost; rubber/latex gloves shred quickly and create serious litter when they inevitably come off.  Watches, bracelets, rings, and other jewelry that might come off or get in the way should be left at home or in the vehicle.  Cameras/phones are safest in deep pockets or pockets with zippers.