Nature Explorations & Activities

Wavecrest Discoveries tours

Wavecrest Discoveries offers half-day explorations (up to 4 hours; can be combined to make a full-day exploration), short programs (about an hour, indoors), and group services.  You can mix and match the options listed here, or contact us for more customizing.

Nature explorations – by habitat

Beach Walk

(quarter-day—can be combined with another quarter-day: less-than-a-mile walk; can be combined with Tidepooling or Forest Walk; part of the Cape Arago Tour)
Going to the beach?  You can stroll the sands as you learn about the dynamic processes of our remarkable shores and hear the stories behind common and unusual beach treasures.  “Where does all this sand come from?”  “What kind of shell is this?”  “What about el Niño?”  People are always surprised by the fascinating tales hidden in this favorite environment.

Forest Walk

(half- to quarter-day: starting at about-a-mile walk; can be combined with Beach Walk)
See the forest for the trees on a leisurely walk through the interesting and varied coastal forest of Oregon. You’ll discover secrets of individual species, as well as the remarkable systems of the body of a forest. Wild flowers, edible berries, fragrant mushrooms, darting salamanders–and more!

Dock Walk

(quarter-day; less-than-a-mile walk; can be combined with Beach Walk, Tidepooling, Forest Walk, or Cape Arago Tour)
Trollers, trawlers, crabbers, and more.  Discover how our local seafood is caught while strolling down the docks, viewing the interesting gear on the commercial fishing vessels.

Dunes Exploration

(half-day; about a two-mile walk)
From massive dunes inching across the country-side to seasonal wetlands, we can help you explore the many enticing environments of our dramatic dunes.  The best option is to combine short hikes in several different kinds of dunes environments to explore the range of plant and animal communities.  Discover the ever-changing processes of the dunes formation and changes and experience the high drama of the Oregon Dunes.  (permitted by the ODNRA, Siuslaw National Forest, USFS)

Marsh Walk

(quarter-day; less-than-a-mile walk)
Wetlands, once thought of as “wastelands,” are now known to be critical habitat for people and wildlife. This little known, primary coastal environment, is home to fascinating plants and haven for birds and many species of other wildlife.


(quarter-day: less-than-a-mile walk; can be combined with Beach Walk)
Discover the stunningly rich life between the tides!  Brilliant and fascinating plants and animals live in interesting and complex communities exposed at low tide. (Tide dependent: This popular activity is limited to low tides—best of +1 tide or lower. Contact us for available dates.)

Clam Digging

(half-day; less-than-a-mile walk)
Dig your own dinner! We’ll provide the shovels, buckets, and instruction; all you’ll need is a license, a sense of adventure, and an appetite! (You will get your feet wet–literally!) This very popular activity is limited to very low tides. Call or e-mail to check if you’ll be here when the tides are low enough to clam or for information on how to get a shellfishing license.


(half-day; less-than-a-mile walk)
Want to learn more about what you’re seeing on Coos County waters?  Discover the natural history of our local waterways by spending a half-day paddling on the Coos Estuary or on the lower Coquille River or on Eel Lake.  (Morning is usually best due to wind conditions.  Kayak rental is extra; charter vessels also available for larger groups:  contact us for information on local outlets.)

Cape Arago Tour

(half-day: less-than-a-mile walk)
A enjoyable area orientation to the area, our most popular activity for groups combines watching the seals and sea lions at Simpson’s Reef, Shore Acres (cliffside and gardens), and a beach walk at beautiful Sunset Bay—all with extensive commentary on the area and region’s natural and human history.

Contact us to arrange for your personal discovery of the Oregon Coast!