Custom Tours

Of course, everyone has their own interests and needs!

Don’t want to walk far? Have very young members of your party? Fascinated by a particular topic?

We’d be delighted to customize your excursion for just for you or your group! Contact us and we’ll chat about options and how we can make your time with us the very best for you.

How do I book a tour?

Contact us with what you’d like to do–or what you’re interested in, or what you’re already doing that you’d like to add to–and when you’d like to do it.
The earlier in your planning the better: in addition to being more likely we’ll be available when you’d like, we can help with planning your visit.

We have lots of ideas and can make your visit memorable and meaningful!

Some questions to think about–

Are you interested in the area generally?
…or do you have a special interest?

When are you planning to visit? (Or, when are your guests planning to visit?)

How many in your group?

Any special needs or characteristics?

Why’d you pick this area to visit?

When should I contact you?

The earlier the better!

Some of our clients book a month or more in advance—the sooner you contact us, the more likely we’ll be available when you’d like to go.  (At a minimum, please contact us at least two days before your excursion so we can prepare.)

Further, we can help you plan your excursion, from suggesting additional fun things to do to recommending what to wear/bring.  Note that some activities are available only at certain times; with enough lead time, some groups might be able to adjust their plans to ensure they get to do that special activity.

We check email, Facebook, and phone messages daily and are usually able to return the contact within 24 hours.

 What should I wear/bring?

The Oregon Coast usually experiences strong northern winds during our (generally rain-free) summer and blustery southern winds through our (wetter) winter. Even in autumn, when we usually have the loveliest weather, there is a chance the beach will be cool and breezy. And, being a coastal environment also means that the weather could be quite changeable during any given day.
Therefore, we recommend:

– dressing comfortably in two layers (a short-sleeved shirt with something warmer on top);
– wearing long pants or having long pants handy (long pants required for everyone tidepooling or for young children in the dunes;
– bringing along a lightweight waterproof jacket and a hat (with a brim or bring sunglasses) and raingear (no umbrellas, please!);
– wearing sturdy, closed-toed shoes (tennis shoes are fine).

And, yes, we’ll continue on even if it “looks like rain.”
There’s no such thing as bad weather—just inappropriate clothing!


How much will it cost?

Our normal rates originating in the Coos Bay Area are for the entire group of 1-40 people.

Current prices for a regular half-day excursion (the minimum) start at $175 for the entire group, including the first 50 miles van transportation (optional), most entry fees, and necessary equipment and materials.  Special activities may involve additional fees; additional fees apply to services that originate outside Coos Bay/North Bend/Charleston.  We currently accept only cash and checks.

What if I have to cancel? (click here for details)