About Your Guide


Marty Giles at Bandon Beach


One of the Oregon Coast’s most experienced nature guides, Marty Giles (“Jyles”) began interpreting the natural resources of the Oregon Coast over forty-five years ago.  Over the years she has worked in many aspects of communicating about nature—from program delivery to teaching and supervising.  Her first introduction to the joy of sharing about natural resources was helping her father, then a college biology teacher, lead groups tidepooling.  (Marty has been tidepooling on the Oregon Coast since 1958!)

She honed her skills through studying natural history topics as an undergraduate, as well as on her own, then through earning a Master’s degree in environmental interpretation (the technical name for communicating about nature).  After working in the field for many years for agencies and other organizations, Marty began freelancing nature tours in 1995 by founding Wavecrest Discoveries.

Marty considers herself extremely fortunate to be blessed with this joyful calling:  she was born to help people fall in love with the things, places, and processes of the natural world.

“I love watching someone’s eyes light up with the delight of a new discovery, and love hearing things like—

“‘Wow!  I never thought sand could be so interesting—or so beautiful!’ (said by a middle-aged woman at Sunset Bay);

“‘This is the coolest place I’ve ever been!’ (said 9-year-old Ben, of the dunes).”

Marty also writes a fortnightly nature column for The World newspaper and does contract writing and editing as SharpPoint Writing & Editing Services.  Marty participates in many community groups involved in natural resources, cultural resources, and community.  She lives in Oregon’s Bay Area with her husband, Mark, and dog, Carbon.  Daughter Mackenzie grew up helping deliver certain tours and activities, and still often assists with groups—when she’s not in college.

Summer 2016