Our Clients

Who uses Wavecrest Discoveries?


  • Individuals, couples, and families on vacation share a fun and educational experience—and benefit from “county concierge” services to help you make the most of their time on the Oregon Coast.


  • New residents get a customized orientation to this area to jump start your lives here.


  • Companies

Is your business recruiting new employees to relocate in Coos County?  Our community tour familiarizes your candidates to the benefits of the area and gives them the information they need to make a decision they—and you—will be happy with.

  • Groups

Family outings / Reunions and business retreats / Events

Doing something together is a fun and memorable way for your group to reconnect!  (Our evening beach event is a great option for a relaxing and care-free get-together.)

Special activity groups

Wavecrest Discoveries has been providing educational and interpretive services for local and regional Road Scholars (nee Elderhostel) programs for over 20 years—from in-class orientation to field trips to special activities.

Motor coaches

Our step-on guide services are definitely value-added:  your clients will get an entertaining and interesting orientation to the area plus fun and unique off-coach activities.  (Available all year long, our Cape Arago Tour is our most popular motor coach experience.)



Marty Giles was marvelous in leading many of our nature classes… She has a vast knowledge of ecology, environment, and plant and animal species.  Her ability to ‘go’ with whatever nature presented on our walks at a given moment is extraordinary.  …Marty’s enthusiasm for her work and varied presentation techniques of learning endeared her to our groups and enhanced our knowledge and our enjoyment.  She was obviously well organized and well prepared.

Marty—how I enjoyed getting to know you and benefiting from your vast knowledge–many thanks for a terrific two weeks!  A.L. PA (Road Scholar participant evaluation)

Marty’s ability to ‘go with’ what nature provides, her pleasant demeanor, and her obvious competence make her a treasure. (Road Scholar participant evaluation)

She was inspiring and also fun to be with.  Extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her subject. (special workshop participant evaluation)

Marty Giles’ enthusiasm and depth of knowledge, as well as her ability to impart both, was outstanding. (workshop participant evaluation)

That was fascinating!  The time sure went by quickly! (indoor presentation comment)

Thanks, Marty—I’ll never look at sand the same way again! (beach walk participant)

Thanks so much!  What can you talk about next time for us? (indoor presentation comment)